Mr.Game Maker...


Playing games is a child's play...sometimes and may be some rare times not.But creating them... Hell no,well there is hell yes.Its @
It has a simple drag and drop interface, having though its limitations too, you can only have a game that has a
pepsi truck,magnets,repellers,rocks,trees,wells,volcanoes,tanks
Checkout my game:
Well it makes cool games free of cost provided that you have a yahoo id, whatever you wont get anything like
that on net....If you are a little more serious towards game making(may be this attract you towards it) there is a simple, better
and free programme available.(This may save your net charges too)This software's good name is Game Maker.You can download the software from
And no restrictions associated with those bullshit trucks and all that.Ya its more difficult if you compare it with the Pepsi's Game developer, its better you go through the tutorials and
i am the one who believes in who-the-hell-will-read so i created a game i.e. Nose Pills Please.Download it from here:
Ya abuse the game play,but have a try.And if you try yourself you'll get it better

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