Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone.


Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone: Review.
This was the first movie who spilled the magic all over the world with the little shabby specy guy named as Harry Potter.
And the best one according to me.
If the second one had suspense,third one had puzzle,fourth one had action (magic include in all three), then the first one had all of it and it started the journey of the magical miracles.

Starring Daniel Radcliffe as Harry potter Rupert Grint as Ron Weasely and Emma Watson as Hermoine Granger( oo forgot the spelllings)
Others are Dumb-bell-door(shit the door doesnt open and the belll doesnt ring)Mc Gonagell (Resembles to Vince Mc Mahon), Snape(Snake) and Hagrid(the giant)
A Harry Potter review has to be much grand explaining terms because it has too much.Muggles(you and me) quidditch( sweeping home play).So i'll leave that.

This MPM(magic packed movie) starts with magic and ends with it.
The story is about a magical school -Hogwarts .But basically the story is all about a stone.The Sorcerer's Stone(This was the first and only HP movie till date that whose name was different from the name of the novel, because only the US name had Sorcerer's in it and the rest of the world had philosopher)A stone that produces some sort of liquid that makes you live more( near to immortal),that was the reason why Nicholas Flamel (heard this name in the movie) was 600+ yrs old (cooool) and our great villian Voldemort is in search of that damn' stone and the whole damn' movie is about that protected by a three headed dog known as fluffy.Victory over evil and soo on.Voldemort is the coolest ghost i have seen who drinks silver blood and lives in the back of a so called Professor Quarrel (i said i dont know the spelings) under his turban.

Maddest scene: no nominee for that,Dursley deserves that when he changes his house just because of letters.
Craziest scene: many nominees Longbottom's crazy broomstick ride, Fluffy's big drool on Ron,Monster's snot.
And the craziest scene is the Monster's snot, when the monster attacks Hermoine Harry saves her by putting in his magic wand in his grand nostrils (resembling hose pipes) and when he extracts, wow what a snot!Crazy.
Coolest Scene:When Harry stands on his broomstick and falls off with the Golden ball in his mouth and vomits it out.
Coolest Dialogue: The Climax one by Harry "I am going from home, not to home"(soo emotional)
[Well let me warn you I have seen this movie in Hindi without subtitles, so the dialog will be similar or not i dont know... If you want to check out it then watch the movie instead.]

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