Crazy Patterns


Introducing Crazy Patterns...
O.kay O.kay i have explored something fishy.I
ts fishy because its an easy way to draw a fish
.with two opposite angular brackets,three brackets,one colion and another angular bracket gives you a cute looking fish.

Another discovery not by me,but while chatting with a friend Ashwini
Did you know that gmail/gtalk isnt so silly that it will have no audibles,smileys (its silly for audibles though).These are just like crap in Gtalk but cool in Gmail.(i.e. is Gmail's Chat)I wont show you the preview because preview will create laziness in you.So checkout these:-
:) Mr. Happy
:( Mr. Sad
<3Heart There are many more to try out...
Another one (neither by me nor by my friend but a website)
Type "Q33NY" without these two thorns(whatever they are called at as trop he).The font size being the highest (72 is cool)The font being Windgdings.
Check it out! 9/11 live!

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