Studying ain't sinning

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My preboards/half yearlies are approaching in a couple of days, its true that i wont study but its also true that my parents would try to do everything against my wishes.
So let them do you always have excuses to turn something down,
like " I am just downloading sample papers" and then doing multitasking one educative and one who-so-ever it may be.
So it isnt sin to be true in doing that too..
If u are in cbse ...
i suggest you to download sample papers from these two sites

Well if you want to really study damn hard then try hittin' these key strokes...

Pukin' fa Physix:

Chaos n' Chemistree:

Bullshittin brief Bio:

Hell Halin' History:

Goo Geo:

Coup Civics:

Murderous Mathematics:

For writting this much i have been scolded thrice but i managed to get on and even to get hurt...
Rest in Peace Shiva

Yet another dialouge box shit

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Yes it was annoying, yes it was head-aching and yes it was another dialogue box shit to get started with and get ended with it.
But it was crazy crazy enough to share with you ...
trust me you will like it.
A man/boy who wont open it wont be a man/boy and woman/girl who wont open it wont be a woman/girl but still
Don't click here!