Harry Potter and the Quidditch World Cup: Review


Harry potter and the Quidditch World Cup: Review.

There are many HP games, unfortunately i could get my hands on just one.
And about this game its cool, its crazy and its damn' exhilarating.
Just play one match and you will know.

The game is not much heard but you couldnt imagine anything better for a game of Quidditch.
But first let me tell you something( can you get something from Wikipedia) about Quidditch

"Quidditch is an extremely rough but very popular semi-contact sport played by wizards and witches on flying broomsticks using four balls and six elevated ring-shaped goals. The game is played by two teams of seven people at the scholastic level by such wizards as the series' title character, Harry Potter, as well as regionally, and internationally between national teams, similar to football (soccer)

The two teams of seven people consist of three Chasers, two Beaters, a Keeper and a Seeker and involves four balls: a Quaffle (essentially a mundane oddly shaped ball with no magical capabilities), two Bludgers and a tiny hard to spot Golden Snitch which is the province of the seekers who spend virtually all the game time looking for the elusive mobile ball which actively hides most of the game. Thelatter three are magically self-mobile, though the Snitch is both faster and far more agile, able to twist, turn and dodge almost able to ignore inertial effects where as the two actively aggressive bludgers—which are in between sized and smaller than a cantelope but somewhat bigger and more massive than a very large grape fruit— while capable of reaching fairly high speeds can turn only gradually thus follow trajectories which are far more curvilinear when closing on a target. They spend a lot of time flying back towards the arena, when beaters bang them out and away from team mates, no better angle then being present in the momentary crises.

The Keeper guards his team's three hoops, the Chasers score goals with the Quaffle either hurled by hand, or by batting it with the end of their broom sticks or both, the bat armed Beaters keep the Bludgers (which are aggressive, self-powered, self-guided missles of limited focus but more than capable of bruising and bone-breaking attacks to all and sundry) away from their team mates and try to knock them towards players on the other team, and the Seeker seeks to find the extremely fast, hard to spot and very elusive Golden Snitch, which is quite difficult to catch even when it's in plain sight as it takes evasive action constantly.

Thus those two single balls figure directly in the scoring, where the object of the game is to score more points than one's opponent overall, before the game ends because the Golden Snitch has been caught. This phase of the game is essentially open ended and proceeds by the teams maneuvering and acting by putting the quaffle through one of the three goals defended by the other sides' "Keeper" more than the other team does to the goals defended by it's keeper. Both teams strive to build what in most other sports would be an overwhelmingly significant lead, for the game includes a built in high capacity for catching up from well behind and thus winning with a "Walk off" score using the Golden Snitch.

Each goal scored during the quaffle-play is worth ten points, and with the active distractions of the missle-like bludger's constantly zooming and attacking whomever they pass near, the beater's swooping to intercept them when they are attacking a team mate, or the evasive actions needed to dodge an undefended attack by either bludger plus the constant rough play between opposing team players jockeying and bumping for position at high speeds well up off the ground, the sport presents plenty of fast paced spectacular play for spectator satisfaction—while each team tries to build a lead of at least 160 points, for the team which catches the Snitch recieves a full hundred and fifty points and ends the game immediately. Thus the gameplay is open-ended and the game ends only when the Snitch is caught, or by mutual consent of the two team captains."

Now can we get back to the game:
Quidditch explanation is enough already.
Firstly you are supposed to win over all the houses of the school itself i.e.
These matches are not too hard.
You can practice seperately also.

The real game starts when the Quidittch World Cup starts.
The teams present are:
Germany etc. etc.

For these games the graphics are awesome, the moves brilliant, the coolest EA gameplay ever found.
The matches are just enough detailed to live in their world.
First you play as the Chaser, Beater and te Keeper.
And after 5-10 minutes, its your turn to be the seeker, which is the most difficult part of the game.
Difficult and addictive, you have to be in track of a saturn type ring and chase the snitch, catch it before the other does.At this time the match becomes tense( My thighs always started shivering in the world cup's while catching the snitch).
Be aware of your speed meter.

If you love speed, love sports the better option is QWC.


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