Sprite -the Spoofer is back

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Recently while shuffling channels via my tata sky remote control, i paused at something familiarly unfamiliar... and what i paused was some advertisement* resembling over-hyped useless "Pepsi Youngistan" ad*.

And hell it was a crazy ad indeed replacing youngistan with jungleeistan, firangeeisatan, kabrisatan and finally pados.
Then rolled yeh hai hindustan
Finally i came to knew that this ad/commercial was the latest ad from sprite.
And then i tracked down my memory lane... and remembered that few years ago Sprite had spoofed Mountain Dew in a "Peelarious" way.
Though Mountain Dew answered back, but it wasnt as impactful and as humorous as the Sprite's ad.
(Who cares... the ads are there to increase sales not to make people laugh)
Then Sprite came with ridiculous ads, featuring 3d crows and sania(s) (both are the same) but both of them didnt lasted long and didnt left any impact.
(May be even this wont, but i wish to write and i will write)
And a few months ago Sprite brought the truthly boring ad.
(Well i actually hate their slogan or whatever it is... Clear hai...Pyaas Bujaao and stuff like that...
arre pyaas hi bujani hai to saalon pani piyo sprite mein moo marney se ghanta milega)

The spoof war between the similar coloured and similar flavoured cold drinks is not really new...
it often takes place, but nothing doenst really gets out of control as it should have been.
The first ad i saw in which a coldrink was being spoofed was may be of thumsup many years ago.
But i dont understand why its the beverage companies that ofter quarell.
Returning Back...
May be Pepsi will fight back, may be it wont, but what we can do is watch these commercials stroll between our eyes...and those pestiscide drops flow through our stomach.

Though my post wouldnt do any shit, but as soon as news channels like India TV exist... there might be some news for sure popping in their special reports and breaking news.

So watch out and drink in

Win Xbox 360 and GTA IV!!!

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Well lemme straight away tell u that i am doing this shit for getting an Xbox 360(Elite Edition*) and Gta IV!!!

Those who dont know what the heck the heck these two things are, let me tell you that Xbox 360 is a gaming console developed by Microsoft and Gta IV as per as the trailors and expectations is one of the grand games of the year, developed by none other than rockstar games.

So to waste a post on such stuff is not really a shit, but if i lose(99.99999%) then hell yeah its a deal full of shit.

So Mr. John Cow, with the famous blog John Cow- make mooney online is giving away free Xbox 360 ee* and GTA IV,

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