Promote Your Blog #4


Rumouring all the Way

Another way of PUBbing is simply "letting your mind throw wastes" method, to create crapish coolish and simply crazy rumours.

Its based on simple principle "KRAZY KEYWORDS".

Lets joke on the "hot" search these days Harry Potter(Daniel Radcliffe) and top hot searches earlier Britney Spears and Mr iPhone.

[WARNING: This is just a joke]

" Finally 'adult' Daniel Radcliffe has started wandering with older 'adults', married adults.
My friend captured some moments of Dan with Britney Spears on his ~*new*~ IPhone.
The clippings say Dan was found chatting with famous Britney Spears at a beach, there Dan offered Britney a red rose.
Sure something is cooking in between them"

[WARNING: This is just a joke]

Now its simple and easy some amusing words from your imagination some hot celebrities, who are the more serached item may work for your publicity without paying them hard cash, paying them nothing.
If any searches about three bold faced things then you might get noticed.
If someone believes your rumors (Certainly in this case you will have to remove this warning.....) then people do what they always do, spread them up.
And ofcourse everyone doesnt takes the responsiblity of hot 2 handle rumors.
So interested ones may write i found on xxx blog that xxx have some xxx with some xxx and so on...

Beware of the ones who are rumored.
May be they sue you or...

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