Touch me babyyy!!!!

Am I dead?  Was I dead? Will I die again?



Hello this is Shiva Nagri and I AM HERE (unfortunately) and I will be farting out a new post (tribute to modern day maverick Mr. Arjun Singh Chauhan hiyn… the new angry young boy) and that too after a slumber of 3 months which ranged from the ever so hectic admissions to the never so boring and continuous sleep sessions,once in a while broken by the enthralling Need for Speed Most Wanted or the time shattering God of War 2.

All right



What I wanted to talk about was the handy phenomenon these days THE TOUCH SCREEN. 
iPhone probably revolusionned (revolutionized + illusion) the concept of touch screen in smart phones, even though it wasn’t as revolusionarry as iPod because iPhone was just a crappy call button and some bullshitting features added to iPod touch in exchange of much more financial greenery.  

Whatever tryst I had with it, turned out to be a workout session on a ski. 

Whatever it did, was probably add a lot more to ongoing illegal trade in India, by hurting the sentiments of roti kapda makan aur mobile class of india who scratched their inflated rears filled with twinkling egos and deposited them inside the Chinese locker. 

Thanks to Nokia and Samsung cheaper touch screen handsets are coming and as far staring on cellphones is considered I had the ability to notice that since the past decade of Nokia’s Indian trends they have finally moved on from Nokia 6600 to 7610 to Xpress music 5500 and finally landing on 5800, which has cheaper versions Iike 5235 and more(with an accelerometer that eats its own shit)


Another thing which is making its mark in the entertainment sector is motion sensors better experienced with accelerometers inside cellphones and wii remotes .

 And 3D, well I believe it’s a gimmick and even if the whole world donates its eyes it will be a gimmick, hope holographic displays come sooner to kick its ass.

Ofcourse this darker than thou glassier than thou 3D will stay. Gimmicks do stay (eg: me)


I wish I COMPLETE this post and PUBLISH it, otherwise Zanil Hyder could play Kabaddi Kabaddi with my fat corpse.


Am I dead?  Was I dead? Will I die again?