CrAzY CaPtIoN CoNtEsT #1

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I was bored!
My mind boggled up!
Why not try something new.
Why not start something new.
Something called CrAzY CaPtIoN CoNtEsT #1
Here's the picture made my (using paint)

You have to do is write a caption on it like "Justice Computer"

If the caption satisfies me... i'll review your blog


give you a free link to spider man 3 movie.

Now the rules strict rules:

1.Review my blog on your blog/site to participate
2.Mail me back @ with your blog address
3.Then you can submit your captions and stick to the format

" Caption: xxx
Name: xxx
Email: xxx
Blog: xxx"

!So plz participate!

Spider Man 3: Review

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How sad is spiderman after reading this review?
The greatest fight lies between Spiderman and the viewers when the theater is crowded with the fans of spider man.
Last Sunday i was also the part of that crowd with high expectations.
But the movie didnt reached my expectations, dont blame me.
The first one was best
The second good
The third...ok
The peter spidey parker strats with his bullshit introduction (which doesnt mostly happen in hollywood series but bollywood series)
There are scenes to sleep(Mary Jane singing!)
scenes to stare(the 3 kisses)
scenes to hoot(the super duper action sequences)
It seems to look like not a superhero buzz but a damn crappy love triangle.
Seems to me like Sam is getting inspired from old bollywood.
Love,proposing for marriage,not getting oppurtunity,jealousy and all that bull shit stuff that poured over the water on the standard of Spiderman.
One thing that will surely attract you is the action in the movie which is really fabulous.
After all Mr.Sam Riami has spent money like water for these.
If Harry Osborn wasnt enough to handle Spidey two new monsters were born The Sandman and the other one was The Venom.
One side of me wanted to hoot,clap and whistle on the action sequences
and the other side of me wanted to show the middle fingers for the left over crap.

O.k O.k the movie was good and I have a purpose of saying it.

Bloggerz sick stuff

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There are some sick secrets, I and you may undergo when writing down your post on
You may get irritated like me or you'll simply ignore them and you'll have to because there is any coding that lets you escape from them.(i am talking about compose)
If you notice whenever you upload any photo,
when it gets uploaded, automatically the number of spaces between each line increases...
causing you to press back spaces...Irritating.

And if you bold and enlarge somewords and try to take them up by pressing backspace it works as delete.A bullshit key conversion.Even delete doesnt help you.
You are at a mercy of drag n' drop.

One goody thing though is...that it can be used to convert .ico files to.jpeg
i.e icon files to picture files(if you are sick of paint)
Just upload the icon, right click and save it.

Technorati twists!

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You have to change according to the environment and web also has to change,websites are changing and Technorati too brought up a change... a major change in its designning.
When i yesterday visited the site i was amazed to see this page.

I thought it was some sort of server shit.
But today when i visited it... i was surprised to see the new cool look.

Espescially the top black bar looks cool with the yellow tags moving.
But still in case of search and finding stuff easily the older one wins.
You have advanced search here although which you will have to use mostly for searching blogs.
Actually Technorati has diverted from its the only blog search to other searches too

Blog Review: John Chow

Who doesnt know mighty John Chow,a dot com Mogul.

If you are a blogger and you visit blogs must have gone through his blog at least once.

His blog is helps you to make money online and earn money online himself
(i.e through nice placement of ads)

He sometimes rambles around with posts about his car( there aretwo cars at the top of his blog to attract visitors),different foods which refresh you apart from the regular money making schedule.

His categories include:-AGLOCO,Cars,Fine Dining,Investing,Make Money Online,Ramblings,Review My Blog,ReviewMe Reviews,Technology,The Net,Videos,Wordpress.

All right enough!
Now the real reason why I am reviewing his blog:-
He sends a ton of traffic for free, but in exchange of reviewing his blog.
And who doesnt want to revie his blog as his blog has page rank of 6.
Want to review his blog and earn traffic.
Click "here"

"The inner feeelings:
All right All right I confess, that I reviewed your copied competitor firsta nd this is my greed to get some backlinks .But may be this is your greed also to get high authority to get high,highest rank in Technorati."

Blog Review: Search Engine Marketing

Who has got the guts of copying John Chow?
Here he is Darin Carter who writes on something known as Search Engine Marketing on his blog .

And to remain in the buzz he has created/copied an innovative way of building backlinks.
Actually Mr. Carter is trying to offer us a Free Nintendo Wii,in turn we review his blog.
Quite a nice placement of ads!Keep it Up!
Well if we look at his categories he has written posts about
Advertising, Alexa,Blog,Google,How to,Marketing,MSN,Pay Per Click,Personal, Press Releases,Review My Blog, Reviews, Search Engines,SEM, SEO, Technology, Text LinkAds,Video, Yahoo
A hot yellow car is fixed at the top to attract users.
All right dont except more from me!

Blog Reviewed!

"The inner feeelings:

All right All right I confess this is my greed to get some backlinks and a nice looking console called Nintendo Wii although if it was PS3 it could me much better, may be i could have written a novel from your blog.

But may be this is your greed also to get high authority to get high rank in Technorati.

I think i have made the double century you wanted"

Blogger's adding something new

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Ya its true blogger ads something new.
Somewhich i liked and some which i hated.
Not hated but not liked.
Google ads one Auto save feature.This one's good! You are safe.
The others one is all right! others are safe.
The reason is that they have introduced Word Verification.(The same old stuff for signing up)
is to reduce spam blogs.

I have created my template!

Hey! do you u know bout 3 columned blogger templates.
Well they ad to the beauty,space,money of your blog.
Wanna try one,which is created by me
How to install:
Click the above link.
Click save as
Then edit your bloggers template.Just upload
You work is done (and mine too)

Wanna get an example
To see this post you saw the blog ehich was an example

iPhone iCons

Apple may suck for Mac's but they do rock for the iPOD's which was relaesed almost half a decade ago and is still making the world dance to its tunes.

Continuing the 'i'series the latest product of Apple to hit the shelves this june in US and next year in Asia is the


Click here to know much more about this great gadget.
All right i am not Steve Jobs promoting my product.
I am just doing what he may call ill-eagle.
I cant give you the iPhone but i can give you its icons
for free click the link to grab em' up

Once more:Crazy site

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There are two identical pictures that will appear on the screen. Almost 8000 people were tested to see if they could find the 3 differences and only 19 got it.
See how observant you are and if you find all 3 differences,
you are one of the most elite people in the world!
Click on this link.............

Analytics modified

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Some things do change
And analytics is the new name in them
Recently Google changed the interface of Analytics.
Its still under beta but you can say that it is BIG and Better than the previous interface.

"*What is new?* In the new version, your reports have beenredesigned for clarity, greater visibility of important metrics,and ease of use.
Here are just a few of the features you'llnotice:
- Email and export reports
- Custom Dashboard
- Trend and Over-time Graph
- Contextual help tips
The new interface has everything the previous interface had and more.

In addition, links within reports make it easier to navigaterelated information and explore your data."As google says...
But one weak point is that the older one is more vibrant and the newer one little dull.
But in case of speed issues it is much better.
You can still use the older version.
Its always up to you!

Wanna be a Superhero


Didnt you dreamt of being a superhero.
You can be!
But in a picture.
Wont you want yourself to be seen as a superhero.
Click *here* to Get your hands on this crazy utility by Disney.
It has 5 hairstyles,weapons,torso,belts,masks,gloves for both male and female superheroes.

Go kid to fetch up goodies

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Want to have some goodies for free.(They reachyou before reaching 20$ for a beginner)
You have to just play a few games and win prizes (Guaranteed)

Though kiddish stuff,but dont kids exist and why not be a kid if you get some stuff of it.
And amazingly anything i have recieved yet from the internet is these goodies,not once,not twice,but thrice.
So i assure you, at first the delivery of goods must be late but later on it will be normal.
(Enough!Now the sites plz)

>> A promotion site for its cookies.You have to earn cookies to win goodies.
(Cheap goodies,more time taken to earn them your net bill might be more than you get)

The bestgame here to earn easy cookies is "Toss the Cookies".
You have to do is just toss the cookies in a glass.
tip:- Just set up the right aim and right speed and continue clicking...17 cookies guaranteed.

Goodies:- pens,notepads,caps,shirts,bookmarks,new music system (mostly out of stock)
Goodies i Have:-notepads,bookmarks.pens etc.

Another one is

2.My CandyMan Club
>>Another promoting site for candies,this one is much better in case of goodies.
O.K it has candies but the points arent called as candies,they are simply called as points.
You get points to join too, some to play also.
It has 10-20 games but the best thing about it is whether you win or lose you will get 10 points.

Then best one for earning points is "Para Gliding"
Tip:- Hold LMB,submit,play
Goodies:- bags,vouchers,sippers,mini basket ball,tents etc.
Goodies i have:-sipper,mini basket ball,vouchers

Alternatives for Adsense

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Alternatives for Adsense

Mr. Money Maker.All right Adsense may be the big A from the big G alright is a better way to earn money.
But their are others who are good.
and as said (by me) Better + Good= Best
So why not try these:-
1.Yahoo Publisher Network
7.Commision Junction
8.Amazon Associates
15.Cafe Press
19.The Blog Resource
20.Blogger Jobs
21.Bloggers for Hire

All these ones were related to blogs in one or the other way...either contextual,display,affliate ads,product sales etc.
But now I would like to share some stuff thats not related to your blog in any way,but may bring you cash.

Want to have a PS2,PS3,PsP,iPod,cell phones and other freakin' gadgets for FREE.
All you have to do is register here by simply clicking here and register.Works on referral system, this one's turning out to be a big prank as all its registered users including me say that
no credits are earned yet.
But as it is free.Hell Yeah!

2.Surveys Pays U
Actually it is a survey based site.It just gives out the links and is free to register.
Plus you get free 500 just for registering.

3.Slash My Search
Well this one is the first site to give you money for searching and making this as homepage.Must try.

Make friends and earn money.This social networking sites pays you for creating communities,inviting people.

Pays you to write abstracts.


Alty Symbols

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You can get these symbols too...
Just Alt + number/numbers (Num Lock On)

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Wont you like typing those ol' damn messages

with some sort of you imagined crazy messages.

You can create whatever type of messages and put timings

play a prank on your freinds computer that he is hacked after putting up a specific timing.

Want this crazy software

just click the image.(message made by me )

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Well a crazy and SILLY magic for you.
Just copy the big crazyblog in the green box @ the top...
and paste it in notepad
and notice the magic
"crazyblog" will be typed in toggle case like this