Harry Potter and the chamber of the secrets


Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets: Review
Much darker, must exciting than the previous one.
Same appearances but this one is more thrilling and horrifying than HPSS.

The story:
Starts from an house elf-Dobby stopping harry to visit Hogwarts due to a "reason"The reason being that the chamber of secrets has been opened up.(by ofcourse... later on).Okay Okay it has been opened up by Tom riddle or you may say Tom Marvolo Riddle or you may say I am Lord
Voldemort . Actually a memory of him in a diary creates chaos by almost killing some bad blooded students
(muggle students) who see into in the eye of a big snake who is present inside the chamber of secret, who is a
pet of Voldemort.And he is doing this with the help of Jinny Weasely(controlled by him).
I told you the spoilers not the story .Whatever...,

Coolest scene: The climax when Harry kills the snake using the Godric Grifffindor's sword.
Craziest scene: When Harry falls off from his broomstick and breaks his bone, Lockheart's spell...crazy
Coolest Creature: Dobby the house elf (other nominees were the snake and the spider)

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