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These bloody trucks steal away,cut across the wires of my teelphone that it R.I.P. for these days.
Soorry for this damn' delay.
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So Lets start up something new.
Promote Ur Blog(PUB) series (Series of CrAzY but CooL tips)
getting started with "GET SOCIALISED"

Have you ever visited a social networking site... or never visited a social networking site.
Or you have never visited a social networking site. The latter one will be mostly no.
Whatever, mostly accounts are puffed in without any reason.Just to boast 'i have more social networking sites than you'.
Taking an example of Orkut.
After making atleast a crappy cent friends- the message seen on thje scraps are still are-
'Hello,hi fine if not, drink wine' and some useless forwarded messages.
Just sign up @ Orkut ,make your mark ,will take little time.
Its better you search for a person having maximum number of friends, whose scrapbook gets updated every damn' second.
Send him/her a cool scrap to promote your blog like...
Your tech brain will soon crash if you dont forward this message to 10 or more people"

It is better to scrap then message.
The reasons being:-
1.The message is read (mostly not read) by a single person.
2.The scraps are read by any one who visits the persons scrapbook.

So try scrappimg on the most flooded scrapbooks.

Its better you join the BLOGGER GAME.
send your blogs every day, rate and get rated.Visit and get visited.

And dont forget to mention your blog url in your profile.

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