Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban:Review


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban: Review
When i watched this one for the first time i thought what a headache!The second time the headache began to get recovered and the third time oh relief! i understood what the movie is all about.(You may have suffered or will be suffered like this)
Well its all about ofcourse the Prisoner of Askaban which is ugly by face and dress-up---Mr. Sirius Black and people believe that he was from one of the faithful persons of you-know-who(much long name)and he is in search of Harry.And later on it is discovered that Professor Lupin who saved Harry from the Dementors(creatures wearing a black bed-sheet over them) who becomes a were wolf on moonlit nights(revealed later) is in contact with Sirius Black, who wasnt actually the killer, it was Peter Pettigrew( the ugliest Yuck) or Wormtail(whom harry found in Marauder's map- google earth) who had became a rat(Scabbers) of Ron by animagus and for which ron had to be injured by Sirius in his dog-form.He was the on who was with the dark lord.Then whatever happens Sirius decides to kill PP. Fisrt lupin appears and they do bad things then snape appears he's thrashed away.Lupin gives clearance. Harry decides Dementors are more suitable for such bullshit, they thrash him out, he runs ,Lupin turns into a werewolf by seeing the mooon, he could differntiate between friend and foe, dog and wolf foght.Someone gave a call to the wolf and he ran, Sirius lay somewere on the ice, and harry came to help, Dementors start having feast drinking souls( yummy souls) till some blue dot appears from his mouth.Harry spells the Patronus charm to throw them away and he too fades until a deer appears on the other side who harry thinks is his father.Both faint,Sirius is back in prison.Hoped this was the end but this was just the beginning.

This is the first movie where you hear Voldemort's name not see him.And thats refreshing and head aching, that Harry and Hermoine go back in the previous time to save both Black and Buckbeak(forgot to name this extremely important character which is half-horse half-bird.).(Buckbeak had to be killed because he broke malfoy's arm)They stop his death by returning back in the time using time turner of hermoine who had became genius from it only. And do the extremely essential(beating themselves,howling and bullshit .Harry was himself the deer) things that is to save Black and the Buckbeak, both are saved finally and finally my headache seems to get over(which you may have got after reading this).
Crazy Scene: This one has most of the crazy scenes including ride of the Knight Bus,Dursley's sister Marge's float and more..., but the winner is Marge's fatty float which is caused by Harry's anger.(The scenes so crazy see it to believe it)

Cool Scene: The nominees were Hermoine's Punch and Buckbeak's ride, but i give points to hermoine because it was simply cooooool

Bore: That Trelawney

Coolest Creature: No guesss for that its BuckBeak

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