Promote Your Blog #2


Using PUBlic Transport
If you dont use some sort of a public transport then use it for a few days.
You just need to carry your wallet for paying the fare to the bloody bus conductor
plus a big black permanent marker (very important)
Here in Jammu (where i live), mostly matadors(not bullfighter but type of a vehicle).
Now what:-
Use your biggy big marker to write at the back of the seat of the next person (infront) sitting to you.Write the URL of your blogs/website... better in bold.
Its better than writin your cell no. or your love's no(which is mostly written).

Beware of the conductor!!!hide the written stuff when he comes gor the fare.
If he sees the understandable bullshit either he'll throw you out or let you be in,
if he sees you in, he'll let you wipe the back of seat, if he loves your work he'll make you a permanent servant.

Well who the hell has time to stare around.
Dont worry get going

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