Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire: Review


Harry Potter and Goblet of fire: Review.
Now this one would like to have tough words from me because I had read the novel!!!And every next movie will have the same words from the die-hard readers... ther reason being uptil POA the pages were less(normal) as compared to the 4th 5th 6th.And you cannot make a 10 hour movie( can you?)So they try to mess up every damn' thing in less than 2.5 hours.Ofcourse eating up some scenes.
So what's Goblet of fire all about [Movie]:
Well it is all about the goblet of fire (cant you read the name of the movie).This time something is changed in Hogwarts studies,magic, plus The Triwizard Cup (three cool tasks)in which hogwarts plus other two schools i.e. Durmstrang and Beauxbatons have participatedThe goblet of fire is where the students (17+) put their names in for participating in the triwizard cup.Unfortunately (Fortunately) his name is found from the goblet.( he is only 14)along with Victor Krum (from Durmstrang),Fleur Delacour (from Beauxbatons),Cedric Diggory(From Hogwarts)And then the real story starts with Harry fighting all his tasks.
The first task: stealing away a dragon's egg.
The second task: Rescuing your friends(inside water)
The third task: The Maze
Let me spoil:In the third task Harry and Cedric touch The triwizard cup at the same time which is actually a portkey (better than those ugly shoes)to the graveyard from where Cedric dies,Voldemort arise and Harry cries(will you laugh when you arm is tore off for your enemy) and then a ferocious battle(What ferocious,yelling standing with a green and red light, three souls boasting bullshit) takes place where Harry like a brave (coward) runs off with Cedric.
Actually it was a web spinned by Barty Crouch Jr.(death eater...deaths are yummy) who was with Voldemort.He had became Mad-eye Moody by drinking the potion.He had put harry's name in Goblet of fire so that Voldemort can have the same blood of harry.(Cant you simply say harry to donate his blood)In the end he's caught red handed and... and everybody's home.
What is swallowed up:
1. You had a nice Hermoine who was doing social service for many many nice house elves so that they should get paid for servicing but she was ignored by both the elves and the students.
2. Leprechauns and dances werent required instead showing a whole damn' match of quidittch final would be better( WB no brains for this)
3. Showing Rita Skeeter as a bug and being caught up.
Well every one had a reason, for this stuff an extra million was required( now who'll pay that?)

Coolest Scene: The whole first task is amazing!!!
Craziest Scene: Like mongooses, then watch out Malfoy when he become sone.
Coolest Creature: The nominees were Mad -eye Moody for everything, Voldemort for nose, and those sea-creatures.Well the winner is Voldemort... his nose is so cool(can hardly be seen), and his movements Oh! Babe...Was this the Voldemort you looked for?

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