Browsers Without Internet!

In the last post i mentioned about the browser brawls.
But all these browser brawls are meaningless...crap... if there is no internet connection!

But the browsers have already prepared themsleves for such mess... by giving crap messages...
different but frustrating!

First and Foremost comes the Internet Explorer with "Cannot Find Server"
-right enough!

Firefox vomits "Address not found" - Crap on You! You cant find Google!
Would Firefox get web attacks if it stated "Server Not Found"

The least crapped and most relevant message is of Safari.
It doesnt atleast torture the user with useless bullshit!

Opera yells "Could not locate remote server" but in the end gives the same lame bullshit that firefox farted!

Chrome should be beaten the hell out with chrome objects... for not obeying its master!
It bloats "The webpage is not available" to the same google that gave him birth.
It later says that his father has died... or maY have moved to some new place!
Pity on Chrome!

Thanks for tolerating this senseless shit...
If your mind is not full of shit... make sure to click them to enlarge them
because normal eye sight wont allow you to see whats written after the titles

Browser Brawls

The Browser Wars!! © CrAzYbLoG
Few months ago it was Mozilla Firefox 3,
few days ago it was Google Chrome, that stole the attention as well as some of the hard disk space of many of the internet users.
As the so called internet "content" is growing... how can the browsers sit back.
With the increasing number of web browsers, the competition is getting fierce, freakin' fierce.
Although the battle/brawl/war (usage) continues to be won by Internet Explorer ( just because it comes preloaded with microsoft windows).
The real winner is of course Firefox, because it is promoted like hell with different widgets, ads supporting.

For Internet Explorer,
I dont hate it, i dont love it, and i dont update it, because in the end i always return to the good old internet explorer 6 because of my years of experience with it.

And Firefox,
I dont understand why the hell people are so affectionate/crazy about it, if security is the concern...i dont damn think so... it gave my a computer a cool present known as spyware...
its adventures are stated here. Also it doesnt block most of the pop up poops...
Well, its not that bad (because i am using it now) because and only because of the so called Add-ons, another reason being the Spell Check, which is a great feature for me as i am the king of the typos and you might have noticed that in many of my posts( if you would have the guts to read them).
And finally the add-ons that make it similar to Opera.

The other browser in the race and in my PC is Safari from Apple.
Its neither my default browser nor the browser which i use frequently, it has got a reason and a good damn' reason.

The reason: to access "good" magazines for free.
Thanks to Labnol for that!!

Google's Chrome is just too new to make its mark... and its just doesnt have so many features as compared to other web browsers.
Its just simple and cool and in beta. (That's what Google is known for simple and cool stuff... and years of keeping it as beta... Orkut is still in beta.)
The damn' things i feel in it are no menu bar... thought it may be their take at innovation...
i think it just a mistake!

And finally the browser which i l♥ve...
Though its current status is uninstalled, the interface, the speed-dial, the mouse-gestures, the "key" used to save password, the themes according to me simply rock...
whereas the only thing that i hated in it was frequent crashes and slow start up times.
which deserved to be bashed up with rocks.

The mareket share of the browsers -© CrAzYbLoG

Finally a browser is a browser.
Features will only get added, the main motive of the browsers is to surf the wide wicked web of internet...
full of crap...