Do you think that there arent any more search engines except the Google .
There are specialised ones too.
Specialised for Buisness
masterseek is one of them.
Masterseek’s global search engine provides quick and free access to company profiles, contact information, and descriptions of products and services from more than 45 million companies in 75 countries. You can also search in your own country or worldwide and find business partners, sales opportunities and new avenues to expand your business and increase your company’s profitability.

The Categories are:-

Advertising and Marketing
Aerospace and Defense
Agriculture and Livestock
Art Materials and Hobbies
Banking and Finance
Business Advice and other Services
Business Services and Opportunities
Business Travel
Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals
Communication Advertising and the Media
Computers and Software
Construction and Public Works
Countries Companies
Electrical and Electronic Equipment
Energy and Raw materials
Entertainment Industry
Food and Related Products
Glass and Building Materials
Government and Trade
Health and Fitness
Human Resources
Information Technology
Internet and Online
Jewelry and Precious Stones
Jobs and Career
Leather and Shoes
Mechanical Engineering - Machines
Metallurgy and Metalworking
Miscellaneous Products
Office Supplies and Equipment
Optical and Photographic
Paper and Cardboard
Precision Equipment
Printing and Publishing
Restaurant Supply
Retail and Consumer Services
Rubber and Plastics
Small Business
Telecommunications Industry
Textiles and Clothing
Toys and Games
Transport Services
Vehicles and Transport Equipment
Wood and Furniture

If you are really serious to search some buisness shit.
Search it @ MASTERSEEK.

Check out my new blog

I was bored with this blog (not really)
So i decided lets expand my blogdom
by introducing you to my new blog
i.e. V.CoL (if you havent seen it from the last month at the top-left corner of this blog) is the blog's good link.

If you can read poems and 200 page plus pages of my so called e-novel
then try it out!!!

Hi5 + Orkut = ?

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Have you ever thought of Yahoo + Google=Yoogle
That's not happening i was just saying that if we add two sites we may get a new one.
This has happened in case of social networking sites instead and their sum is indeed great.
I'm talking about

i.e. is if you add Hi5 and Orkut you get a cooler social networking site ie.Hikut.
Not one of these older players but still in the web to compete with the big daddies.
Its in the while from th late 2006 and the number is growing.
If you think it is a sort of crap, then it is not.
I think after MySpace, the most coolest profiles can be created on Hikut.
Including adding templates and colour.
You can import friends from yahoo,orkut,gmail,hotmail etc.
You can create blogs,quizzes and polls, add pictures and mp3s and post bulletins,play 100 of games.
In short its having more features than both Orkut and Hi5.
Its only the name and login screen that is similar,rest the interface is new.
"Original is Original but do respect the new one, because the new will rise "
-nobody said it

Site Review: BloggerWave

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Have you heard of triple P, PPP or simply Pay Per Post.
If you havent heard of it then try this out.
New,better and fast here arrives the
which will help you lift your incomes like a wave.
It simply gives you opportunities to earn.
You just require a blog. Sometimes a high ranked,high PRed and sometimes...
you dont even need to care of these terms.

Its advantages over PPP
1. Its new new and less bloggers have esatblished themseves here which means that you will get more recogonisition.
2. Less time taken to get approved
3.Better in case of rewards.

So what are you waiting for,dont lose this great opportunity
and begin surfing on the blogger wave

Google's Search Software gets American Patent

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Wanna know any of your buddy having a cell phone?
Its easier now as The big G Google will soon release a new search engine for it.
You search a cell no. in it and within seconds you'll know where the hell the person is.
(Good for terrorists.They just need your number and KABO0OoM!!!)
Not only this, you can also know where the person has visited the whole day(and may be night)
(Now you cna destroy the person's friends and relatives)
You can catch the liers too.

We can still get the location of the person but this is still in the hands of mobile companies,
by searching the region of the nearby tower.(where you cna climb up and eat bananas)
But it has its draw backs you cant have a hundred towers after each damn' kilometer.
But this service(tower) may not be for all.

But with the help of the big G you'll be able to know this with your idiot box (com.)
and if you have GPRS and WAP then from the mobile even.

Recently it has got the so called American patent which means that this technique will be available on the basis of geographical locations.(because it has the geographical data already available.have you forgotten Google Earth?)

Now militants dont get over excited as your cell phone shal have this software loaded.
So if you want this software...


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Stop yawning and try something else,something that officials of multinational companies do.Something that can awaken you from your deep sleep(ZZZZZ)
is throwing papers in a dustbin.(ECO ENEMY)
But not in reality, on a internet connected PC or an office one (ECO FRIENDLY)
O.K. its a so called game!

But its not as easy as it looks.
But its damn' eady and damn' difficult.
The objective of the game is basically NOTHING,
but still,you need guts to throw even a paper into a dustbin.At the right location,oscillation and wind speed.
Still think its easy.
I challenge you if you do 10 in a row.
Try it!!! and if you cant do that even, then you are bored by birth.

Mag Review:Digit

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If i can review blog,sites,games,movies then is it a sin to review a magazine.
And a magazine that deals with technolgy, that calls itself as"your technology navigator"
.The mag's good name is DIGIT.
It has got it all that helps you to live in the world of technology.
The magazine gives out a CD and DVD free of cost.Also you have a hand held fastrack which is the most handy tech guide.
The mag is divided into four parts.
i.e. is Digital Passion,Digital Buisness,Digital Tools and Digital Leisure.
The latest interface of the CD/DVD being Vista-ish looks cool.
Regular contests are held in the mag including "Beat That"-the most coolest for me.
,Digi Pick and My Desktop.
Rest you can find reviews tech news etc my favourite being the game reviews.
Fast Track is the best part,black and white yet informative.
The CD's are flooded with the most essential softwares,games and 1-2 free full movies.
100+ pages for the mag itself and the fast track,2 discs and the magazine being for 125 INR(3$ approx.) is just what you wanted.
But still I get mine brows up after going through 10+ ad pages,
but they have to think of their selves their beevey- baccheys and all that.
Click the picture to get it.

5 reasons why you are a BIG BAD FOOL!!!!!You became too

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You are a BIG BAD FOOL
1) You have been using a top notch PC for 10yrs and you dont know the function of Alt+F4.
2)You did not used the trial version of limewire to download its pro version.
3)You became too friendly and started sharing passwords.
4)You didnt visit CrAzYbLoG and V.CoL didnt reviewed,blogrolled them above 2 sites

Crazy Q

Well nothing to write about Agloco has released its so called viewbar.
(Thanks to so called Gmail for letting me know it in my mail)
But the damn page has just 5 words for me!!!

"The Page Cannot Be Displayed"
so i couldnt write a whole post on Viewbar.
I decided to refresh you with some sort of crappy question or riddle
(Dont ask the answer, even i dont know it)
Dont go by the currency,but the value.

Tomb, Dix and Hairey decided to buy 3 Pizzas for Rs.25 each.
Making the total Rs75.
The waiter delivers the pizza and gives the money to the manager.
As today's the manager's 50th birthday, he decides to give away 5 rupees off.
He takes the 70 rupees and asks the waiter to give them their 5 rupees back.
The waiter is engulfed by his greed and bad deeds, so he decides to keep 2 rupees with him...
and gives three rupees i.e 1 rupee to each customer i.e Tomb,Dix and Hairey
such that each pizza to them now costs 24 rupees.

But when the total was was found that
24+24+24=72 rupees were spent on pizzas and the waiter had stolen 2 rupees
i.e 72+2=74
But the total money was 75 rupees.

So where the hell is the 1 rupee.

You or your economy?

Would you like you to be rich or your country to be?
Wont you like your country's economy reach heights.
Well the thing is about adsense.
The lowest payout for adsense earnings is 100$ or clearly 100USD.
And whole of the world's population doesnt dwell in US.
So the money is converted to the other nations currency.
To convert your country's currency click on big dollar $.

Talking about India...
Once India's currency as compared to USD was 50 INR for 1USD
whichhas now droppend To 40.something(dancing between from past few weeks)
This clearly shows that the Indian rupee is getting powerful.

But it will reflect your adsense earnings(dont tell me about my is a long story)
If you got 5000 you will get 4000 rupees.
Other country currency is also getting weaker/stronger.

I'll go with the country's economy.(PATRIOTISM)
But the country's economy is for its people.
And I am one of the people.
So i'll go with me.

What do you think???