Spider Man 3: Review


How sad is spiderman after reading this review?
The greatest fight lies between Spiderman and the viewers when the theater is crowded with the fans of spider man.
Last Sunday i was also the part of that crowd with high expectations.
But the movie didnt reached my expectations, dont blame me.
The first one was best
The second good
The third...ok
The peter spidey parker strats with his bullshit introduction (which doesnt mostly happen in hollywood series but bollywood series)
There are scenes to sleep(Mary Jane singing!)
scenes to stare(the 3 kisses)
scenes to hoot(the super duper action sequences)
It seems to look like not a superhero buzz but a damn crappy love triangle.
Seems to me like Sam is getting inspired from old bollywood.
Love,proposing for marriage,not getting oppurtunity,jealousy and all that bull shit stuff that poured over the water on the standard of Spiderman.
One thing that will surely attract you is the action in the movie which is really fabulous.
After all Mr.Sam Riami has spent money like water for these.
If Harry Osborn wasnt enough to handle Spidey two new monsters were born The Sandman and the other one was The Venom.
One side of me wanted to hoot,clap and whistle on the action sequences
and the other side of me wanted to show the middle fingers for the left over crap.

O.k O.k the movie was good and I have a purpose of saying it.

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