Analytics modified


Some things do change
And analytics is the new name in them
Recently Google changed the interface of Analytics.
Its still under beta but you can say that it is BIG and Better than the previous interface.

"*What is new?* In the new version, your reports have beenredesigned for clarity, greater visibility of important metrics,and ease of use.
Here are just a few of the features you'llnotice:
- Email and export reports
- Custom Dashboard
- Trend and Over-time Graph
- Contextual help tips
The new interface has everything the previous interface had and more.

In addition, links within reports make it easier to navigaterelated information and explore your data."As google says...
But one weak point is that the older one is more vibrant and the newer one little dull.
But in case of speed issues it is much better.
You can still use the older version.
Its always up to you!

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