Blog Review: Search Engine Marketing


Who has got the guts of copying John Chow?
Here he is Darin Carter who writes on something known as Search Engine Marketing on his blog .

And to remain in the buzz he has created/copied an innovative way of building backlinks.
Actually Mr. Carter is trying to offer us a Free Nintendo Wii,in turn we review his blog.
Quite a nice placement of ads!Keep it Up!
Well if we look at his categories he has written posts about
Advertising, Alexa,Blog,Google,How to,Marketing,MSN,Pay Per Click,Personal, Press Releases,Review My Blog, Reviews, Search Engines,SEM, SEO, Technology, Text LinkAds,Video, Yahoo
A hot yellow car is fixed at the top to attract users.
All right dont except more from me!

Blog Reviewed!

"The inner feeelings:

All right All right I confess this is my greed to get some backlinks and a nice looking console called Nintendo Wii although if it was PS3 it could me much better, may be i could have written a novel from your blog.

But may be this is your greed also to get high authority to get high rank in Technorati.

I think i have made the double century you wanted"

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