Bloggerz sick stuff


There are some sick secrets, I and you may undergo when writing down your post on
You may get irritated like me or you'll simply ignore them and you'll have to because there is any coding that lets you escape from them.(i am talking about compose)
If you notice whenever you upload any photo,
when it gets uploaded, automatically the number of spaces between each line increases...
causing you to press back spaces...Irritating.

And if you bold and enlarge somewords and try to take them up by pressing backspace it works as delete.A bullshit key conversion.Even delete doesnt help you.
You are at a mercy of drag n' drop.

One goody thing though is...that it can be used to convert .ico files to.jpeg
i.e icon files to picture files(if you are sick of paint)
Just upload the icon, right click and save it.

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