Go kid to fetch up goodies


Want to have some goodies for free.(They reachyou before reaching 20$ for a beginner)
You have to just play a few games and win prizes (Guaranteed)

Though kiddish stuff,but dont kids exist and why not be a kid if you get some stuff of it.
And amazingly anything i have recieved yet from the internet is these goodies,not once,not twice,but thrice.
So i assure you, at first the delivery of goods must be late but later on it will be normal.
(Enough!Now the sites plz)

>> A promotion site for its cookies.You have to earn cookies to win goodies.
(Cheap goodies,more time taken to earn them your net bill might be more than you get)

The bestgame here to earn easy cookies is "Toss the Cookies".
You have to do is just toss the cookies in a glass.
tip:- Just set up the right aim and right speed and continue clicking...17 cookies guaranteed.

Goodies:- pens,notepads,caps,shirts,bookmarks,new music system (mostly out of stock)
Goodies i Have:-notepads,bookmarks.pens etc.

Another one is

2.My CandyMan Club
>>Another promoting site for candies,this one is much better in case of goodies.
O.K it has candies but the points arent called as candies,they are simply called as points.
You get points to join too, some to play also.
It has 10-20 games but the best thing about it is whether you win or lose you will get 10 points.

Then best one for earning points is "Para Gliding"
Tip:- Hold LMB,submit,play
Goodies:- bags,vouchers,sippers,mini basket ball,tents etc.
Goodies i have:-sipper,mini basket ball,vouchers

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