Cricket 2005:review


Cricket in the air.
So Cricket 2005 on your PC's
If compared to Cricket 2002 the previous version which i have played.
It is better in graphics,features,add-ons and some better bugs.
Well some new features in the EA Cricket2007 includes Create Player and Twenty Twenty.
But it has someof the things which kick my head off
No crazy hacks and cheats...and even no controls...
They just throw us in the field with a bat and a ball and you have to test yourself how to bat and how to bowl.
I havent hit a six for a year.(PC)
This is the weak point that EA should look after.
Kick ass controls are no-no
EA Cricket 2007(PS2)is up,I have seen it, not played it yet but for PS2 its good as most of the controls are easy because of analog controls.
But who'll bring an analog stick for a keyboard...

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