Dhoom 2-review


I dont watch movies in theatres but that doesnt mean i dont watch them at all.

Given : Hrithik Roshan(Mr.A),Aishwarya Rai(Sunehri),Abhishek Bacchan(Jai),Uday Chopra(Ali),Bipasha BasuShonali,Monali) an etc etc

To Prove: Evil Crap is better then Good Crap

Proof: DHOOM2

Every Coin has 2 sides,Put one side in water- its good,and the other in poop-its bad.Lets start with water.Nice Action, Nice Thefts and Nice... nothing

Lets continue with poopSick acting especially of the Ash,Abhi,Hrit... they never talk they just whisper and are a good stuff if you want to nake a nice nap.Like the kiss scene it was better to delete conversations between ash and hrit.The story is like a rabbit as it starts and when ash enters rabbit sleeps and tortoise wins yet again.The worst part is the end.And how much kind is Jai who spent 2.5 hours to catch Mr.A finally throws him to Sunderi.
Songs are sick.Mr A dances like if he has polio.Wanna watch it go watch it, theatres are still sleping with it.

1.Both are action masters.
2.Both have six thumbs.
3.Both are after X-miss world.
4.Both cant talk
5.Both dance like poilo infected.
6.Both have their 3rd parts under construction.
7.And finally both are Hrithik Roshan.

And if you want to watch this movie you have to watch it for Hrithik Roshan
*New* At the FilmFare awards Hrithik Roshan was awarded as the best actor for Dhoom2.Now you can know a villian is a hero in DHOOM's

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