Monday-Review a site day


Lets start it Lets Make Monday-''Review a Site Day''The site which i have surfed and the sute which i thought is useful.The site today i'm talking about is matter its a Pakistani website,Doesnt matter it promotes piracy but the best thing here is thatIT IS FREEFrom Free-email services to wallpapers...Funny Pictures to Fun Mailer this site has got that all.Just check it out.Well here's the review of what i have visited in this website.
Firstly the mobile mania,this consists of free audio,video,java games,softwares etc for most of the cells including nokia,samsung etc.and mostly they work with my best game in this section was Brothers in Army:Earned in Blood.
The other feature i usually visit is Music Mazait includes video songs, audio songs including Hindi,Pakistani,English and even WWE entrances.Real format mostly, you can download the player or simply the converter.
The other feature i use is Funny Files and its the wackiestLike my blog it has all the crazy stuff...From a terrible song to message box maker, if you want to play a prank this segment is the one for you
Beware Ads at the corner and pop ups are bit upsetting, dont click them they might be on my ads instead

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Dan* said...

yes its a nice site :)