Cricket 2002: Review


Its cricket in air so this is the right time to review a game for Cricket

Although half a decade old Cricket 2002 is played still.
Its a good game, bad graphics but fine for games of 2002.
Although everyone is the same, everyone bowls similarly,no special acrion
(Even Harbhajan Singh doesnt wear a patka)
I wont really review this game (Its simple you have a bat and bowl and you have to play)
I would like to share some hacks and cheats of the game .
Cheats first:-
To put cheats you will need to go to extras, put your cursor on credits(it shall get highlited) and start entering these cheats
sbatsman: Super Power Batsmen
bigbat: Big Bat
ulockall: Unlock everything
bouncyball: Bouncy Ball
fatfielders: Fielders look like Umpires
Butter: opponent drops 90% catches
Once with applying big bat, sbtsman,bouncy ball and butter cheats 1 scored over 1100 runs with my team as India and the other one bangladesh.
Now the hacks:-
The best thing i like about this game is the level of customization it provde.
It doesnt provides it you need to seize it
Just download this game whatever your source be
It will by default be in program files>Ea sports>cricket 2002>gfx
Edit any picture from any folder and see the result.
Funny terrible,you can even change the sounds.
An example of a pakistani alien created by me.


South Africa vs The Netherlands
England vs New Zealand

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