Funtoosh- site review


So today's Monday
Time to review a website
Thats its name
From the name only this website is funny and humorous(WARNING:-adultish content)
The site has Top Jokes,Time Pass stuff,Funtoons,Games,SMS Jokes and Funny clips.
Top jokes is further divided into top10,top e-mailed,top visual and popular jokes.
Time Pass which is the section i visit has flash tv wallpapers,time pass,fun pages,sher-o-shayari
I often vsit the Flash tv,its not updated for a damn' year but my best here is windows rg and that's not adult.All right it has games having both classic and flash but i dont play games here.
There are many better sites for game one's Miniclip.
Oh i'm reviewing funtoosh. There's fun to visit here, so have a visit.

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Dan* said...

yea it a gr8 site for fun