Kabul Express: 5 Crazy People in 1 Crazy Van


Movie Review

Given:-5 crazy people and 1 crazy van
To Prove:- nothing
Prooof:-Kabul Express

Kabir Khan rewrites his own experiences as said by him.
John Abraham, Arshad Warsi,one firangi,afghani,talib.
The story is A journalist and a camera man come to Kabul to take interview of Taliban sfter 9/11, But they miss the oppurtunity.Then suddenly while wandering in their Kabul Express(the hero van of the movie...the movie is named after it) is hijacked by a pakistani talib(some sort of Pakistani officer doing wahtever kind of duty there.)and begins a torturise tortotise journey of 2 hours...some jokes and all useless stuff stuffed in finally in the end that pakistani reaches pakistan,gets killed and pakistan is blamed after all.Thats the story of 5 crazy people in 1 Crazy Van wandering in deserts of Afghanistan.
Hope you dont fall in their trap.

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