You or your economy?


Would you like you to be rich or your country to be?
Wont you like your country's economy reach heights.
Well the thing is about adsense.
The lowest payout for adsense earnings is 100$ or clearly 100USD.
And whole of the world's population doesnt dwell in US.
So the money is converted to the other nations currency.
To convert your country's currency click on big dollar $.

Talking about India...
Once India's currency as compared to USD was 50 INR for 1USD
whichhas now droppend To 40.something(dancing between from past few weeks)
This clearly shows that the Indian rupee is getting powerful.

But it will reflect your adsense earnings(dont tell me about my is a long story)
If you got 5000 you will get 4000 rupees.
Other country currency is also getting weaker/stronger.

I'll go with the country's economy.(PATRIOTISM)
But the country's economy is for its people.
And I am one of the people.
So i'll go with me.

What do you think???

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