Crazy Q


Well nothing to write about Agloco has released its so called viewbar.
(Thanks to so called Gmail for letting me know it in my mail)
But the damn page has just 5 words for me!!!

"The Page Cannot Be Displayed"
so i couldnt write a whole post on Viewbar.
I decided to refresh you with some sort of crappy question or riddle
(Dont ask the answer, even i dont know it)
Dont go by the currency,but the value.

Tomb, Dix and Hairey decided to buy 3 Pizzas for Rs.25 each.
Making the total Rs75.
The waiter delivers the pizza and gives the money to the manager.
As today's the manager's 50th birthday, he decides to give away 5 rupees off.
He takes the 70 rupees and asks the waiter to give them their 5 rupees back.
The waiter is engulfed by his greed and bad deeds, so he decides to keep 2 rupees with him...
and gives three rupees i.e 1 rupee to each customer i.e Tomb,Dix and Hairey
such that each pizza to them now costs 24 rupees.

But when the total was was found that
24+24+24=72 rupees were spent on pizzas and the waiter had stolen 2 rupees
i.e 72+2=74
But the total money was 75 rupees.

So where the hell is the 1 rupee.

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