Hi5 + Orkut = ?


Have you ever thought of Yahoo + Google=Yoogle
That's not happening i was just saying that if we add two sites we may get a new one.
This has happened in case of social networking sites instead and their sum is indeed great.
I'm talking about

i.e. is if you add Hi5 and Orkut you get a cooler social networking site ie.Hikut.
Not one of these older players but still in the web to compete with the big daddies.
Its in the while from th late 2006 and the number is growing.
If you think it is a sort of crap, then it is not.
I think after MySpace, the most coolest profiles can be created on Hikut.
Including adding templates and colour.
You can import friends from yahoo,orkut,gmail,hotmail etc.
You can create blogs,quizzes and polls, add pictures and mp3s and post bulletins,play 100 of games.
In short its having more features than both Orkut and Hi5.
Its only the name and login screen that is similar,rest the interface is new.
"Original is Original but do respect the new one, because the new will rise "
-nobody said it

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