Mag Review:Digit


If i can review blog,sites,games,movies then is it a sin to review a magazine.
And a magazine that deals with technolgy, that calls itself as"your technology navigator"
.The mag's good name is DIGIT.
It has got it all that helps you to live in the world of technology.
The magazine gives out a CD and DVD free of cost.Also you have a hand held fastrack which is the most handy tech guide.
The mag is divided into four parts.
i.e. is Digital Passion,Digital Buisness,Digital Tools and Digital Leisure.
The latest interface of the CD/DVD being Vista-ish looks cool.
Regular contests are held in the mag including "Beat That"-the most coolest for me.
,Digi Pick and My Desktop.
Rest you can find reviews tech news etc my favourite being the game reviews.
Fast Track is the best part,black and white yet informative.
The CD's are flooded with the most essential softwares,games and 1-2 free full movies.
100+ pages for the mag itself and the fast track,2 discs and the magazine being for 125 INR(3$ approx.) is just what you wanted.
But still I get mine brows up after going through 10+ ad pages,
but they have to think of their selves their beevey- baccheys and all that.
Click the picture to get it.

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