Google's Search Software gets American Patent


Wanna know any of your buddy having a cell phone?
Its easier now as The big G Google will soon release a new search engine for it.
You search a cell no. in it and within seconds you'll know where the hell the person is.
(Good for terrorists.They just need your number and KABO0OoM!!!)
Not only this, you can also know where the person has visited the whole day(and may be night)
(Now you cna destroy the person's friends and relatives)
You can catch the liers too.

We can still get the location of the person but this is still in the hands of mobile companies,
by searching the region of the nearby tower.(where you cna climb up and eat bananas)
But it has its draw backs you cant have a hundred towers after each damn' kilometer.
But this service(tower) may not be for all.

But with the help of the big G you'll be able to know this with your idiot box (com.)
and if you have GPRS and WAP then from the mobile even.

Recently it has got the so called American patent which means that this technique will be available on the basis of geographical locations.(because it has the geographical data already available.have you forgotten Google Earth?)

Now militants dont get over excited as your cell phone shal have this software loaded.
So if you want this software...

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