Sick of Orkut's Notification!!!


It has been a week of this shit annoying pop-up messages!!

Orkut has brought up a new feature of some sort of...

Notification eg:-

So whats the crap is that when you log in orkut... you feel happy that there are scraps for you but before you could read them the devil appears in the form of a dialogue box

i.e. .

It creates a headache because you have to click that "ok" button to get through...
but when you click it you see the page crying "The page Cannot be displayed"
and you have to click that damn' button two times after reloading the extremely annoying page.

But while I was writing this post and multitasking with orkut by my side... they recently introduced scrapping in hindi without hell html... but by simply checking the box staring "type in hindi"
or pressing control + g

here is an example:-

I have written "namastey!!! aapka meri scrapbook me swagat hai!!!"
in English that means "Hello!!! welcome to my scrapbook!!!"
Now here i have written " नमस्ते!!! आपका मेरी स्क्रेप्बूक में स्वागत है!!!"
This new stuff looks as if... the codes have been stolen from the blogger's transliteration.

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