Iphone Mobile Skin!!!


Last post i talked about Ownskin.

Now i redefine it with the skin(theme) made by me(actually this is my second skin)

This is the iphone skin.
It may not be the best... but still it is the one for me so for me it is the best.
How on earth I made it?

1.I Logged in to ownskin

2.Then I went in to create my them using the quick method(thats the olden one)

3.And Then i browsed the apple iphone's default wallpaper thats the clown fish.

4.Then i chose to get in the advanced stuff, where i mostly concentrated on the icons.

From where the.... i brought the iphone icons....well from my blog itself.

5.I resized them to 89x89 as the requirements for uploading the icons were between 88x88 to 120x120.

6.Then named it.

Uploaded it and woo it got on the deck.

3 burps:

Dan* said...

nice but i already have one :)

iphone skins said...

some sites have new cell phone skins that are weight less and can be removed easily without any scratch.. Can you tell me more about these skins??

Anonymous said...

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