Express you anger on someone's cell


You are angry at someone (any damn' reason)...Someone who
has a symbian phone... dont break his/her phone but take off
that memory card... steal it or insert it in someone's ass.Now what the hell to do with the remaining part of plastic shit...Use something called "intellegnce" to make that person
contactless, messageless out of the world...Format his damn' phone.How the freakin' hell on earth:-Firstly plug in that useless charger.Make sure that the battery of the phone is there... battery is
always there but make sure it is charged.Now close all shittin' stuff... press that menu key for some time
and dont panic when the 'telephone' option doenst show you
any thing.Ol' right! right to work!Put in the following code:- *#7370#Then your phone will irritate you by asking the code... if the
user hasnt messed enough with his cell phone security
settings... the code will be "12345"Done with that now do that yes, ok stuff andwohoo within 10 minutes vanish!!! vanish

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you dont want to indulge in crazy stuff, you can still use it, if some comm.warrior (MOBILE VIRUS) has kicked your mobiles ass... and infected evey part of it.

Some More codes:-

(1) *3370# Activate Enhanced Full Rate Codec (EFR) - Your phone uses the best sound quality but talk time is reduced my approx. 5%
(2) #3370# Deactivate Enhanced Full Rate Codec (EFR) OR *3370# ( Favourite )
(3) *#4720# Activate Half Rate Codec - Your phone uses a lower quality sound but you should gain approx 30% more Talk Time.
(4) *#4720# Deactivate Half Rate Codec.
(5) *#0000# Displays your phones software version, 1st Line : Software Version, 2nd Line : Software Release Date, 3rd Line : Compression Type. ( Favourite )
(6) *#9999# Phones software version if *#0000# does not work.
(7) *#06# For checking the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI Number). ( Favourite )
(8) #pw+1234567890+1# Provider Lock Status. (use the "*" button to obtain the "p,w"and "+" symbols).
(9) #pw+1234567890+2# Network Lock Status. (use the "*" button to obtain the "p,w"and "+" symbols).
(10) #pw+1234567890+3# Country Lock Status. (use the "*" button to obtain the "p,w"and "+" symbols).

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