Online Rubik Cube!!!


Online Rubik Cube!!!
Timepass! Timepass! What when timepass results to head
ache...I am talking about the old gold Rubik Cube!!!hardly found during these days... "we have got own stuff for timepass like computer, laptop cell phone and CrAzybLoG."
But i have got your very own rubik cube in a Cyber Version.
Click The Picture below to PLAY!!!
This Rubik Cube is not only available in the Classic Plastic Mode! but there are other modes if you are bored with playing the same old hat.
The other modes available are:-
! Alien Mode
! Marble Mode
! Brick Mode
! Wood Mode
Its got a rocking music to keep you interested/distracted from the game.
If you have solved the first task there will be always four more...
If you cant solve even once (like me) then i have got a link for you:=-

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