Promote Ur Blog #5


May be this is the last and most kickass pubbing idea.
So please fasten your seat belts is you have the guts to try this.
It has been quite a month when I saw a highly superstitous and useless news channel - India T.V. showing a news that they had recieved a news that somebody had planted a bomb in famous Amitabh Bacchan's house by some sort of pappu_yadab, although it was just a crappy little(huge) joke but the news channel cooked its viewers' head in 2 tablespoon olive oil by repeating the news for a 100 damn' times...Repeatedly showing pale faces of guards at Amitabh Bacchan's House and the mail they recieved.Now if you were that pappu_yadab and Amitabh Bacchan was any other(he may be now sick of such useless mails) famous personality( if you are famous do a suicide) then if you have some sort of yahoo or gmail account try searching for email addresses of famous n' fool news channels and send them there is abomb in so and so's house and will explode at so and so time. And if the news channel will be like india TV there will be sure publicity of your mail.Now what the hell it will do to promote your blog, your mail should have a warning and most importantly the blog's url( in huuuge letters) so that people try to find out who the hell is the person with this link (and may be the police among the people waiting with guns to blow your head up)Of course you have guts so try it out and you'll be famous forever.

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hehehehe u go first :P