Finger Frenzy


Coudnt post because of some sort of bullshittin' cycle tests but i am finally back for some time.

God gave fingers to write and many othhher things.
Otthherthings go to hell...
i am here talking about a crazy game named
"Finger Frenzy".(
Highly addictive and challenging.
The task is simple ... You have to type A to Z as fast as you can, now it is not as simple as typing Q to M, you are typing on a keyboard man.
So if you have hands, eyes and brain try your fingers at finger frenzy and beat my score (7.something seconds).
And if you think you are the king of Finger Frenzy, its better you try its sequel...Just a change the A to Z is now Z to A.

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Dan* said...

yea will try if i beat ur score will tell u :P