Blog???Changing definitions

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One question...
What is blog?
Most people really dont know
According to word web it is "A shared on-line journal where people can post diary entries about their personal experiences and hobbies"
But i and most of the other blog dont do it that way...It doesnt remain a diary entry,and why people will post their real diary entries...most dont like it to show even in a home and they show it to the world.Those blogs featuring technology and other topics.Are they really blog??? may it not be their experience, may be tey had just copied...they might be me might be you.
I would like to make my definition:
"Blog is the content posted by the user for the user with/without a personal touch"
(content refers to any thing ranging from personal stuff to news)

Gandhigiri and Third Law of motion

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Lets make this blog random three to four things at the same.
This post falls under the ''other'' category.
"Once a theif was stealing something in a church. The church's father caught him stealing.The theif began beating the father. He slapped the father one side of cheek then the other.The father got angry and started beating the thief. The theif after getting beaten stood up with great difficulty and asked " First you didnt beat me and now why did you beat me?''Then the father replied 'First I followed Gandhigiri and then used Newton's third equation of motion'

According to Gandhigiri: one slaps one side of cheek, show him the other
According To Newton: To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Both are oldies,And it is adviced to learn from the old people.
But both are challenging and can kill you
Too many slaps can kill you
Too many slapping might kill the person and you need to play jail jail.
Both are read in books Gandhigiri has a different but its still it,this doesnt mean that we ignore them, try them when required only when required

But definitely if you are a one foot tall and the other is seven, neither Gandhi will work nor Newton.
Ya there's one way the P.T Usha way... go run...............

Windows Vista

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Crazy procedures stop a bit, i decided to do some blogging on tech.

Starting with Windows Vista the best operating system of Windows is getting heavy as far as the requirements are considered.A few details...
* 512 mb ram which is minimum/recommeneded for vista is maximum for oridinary users.
*Vista is keeping prices high and kicking asses of users, promoting piracy.
* Vista is great as far as the changes are done. Better graphics: Aero interface... money how can it be forgotten,upgrading to new best graphic cards available in the market for it.
*Better security. Bullshit security. username password O.K, trashy anti spyware Okayyy.But big brains forgot the big thing "an anti virus" which was much necessary than the anti spyware.
There are so many things added in windows vista, but more than half of things were added in Macintosh OS X half decade before. Windows is trying to copy Macintosh.
Pointed edges in 98,2000 to curved in xp, reflects this.
But they are copying it with brains trying their best what else can they do.
But wait for sometime, when the price starts dropping then try, try your bargain.
Don't upgrade ,its better to buy a new computer than upgrading your older. WinVista is better in a new one.And why not buying a new PC as upgrading for it will be just 10-20K less.
Its better now to download its themes for cells and comp.'s

Make Windows Picture and Fax Viewer a Media Player

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Do u Know u can make your Windows Picture and Fax Viewer
(the one which is default for viewing ur pictures) for viewing movies also.
Just Play any movie with ur movie player full screen.
Take its Screen shot(Press "Print Screen SysRq" key to the right of "delete key"...
... Open Paint select, right click and paste)(save it as xyz{not recommended})
By default it will be stored in My Pictures as a black thumbnail.
Just open your video file. Go to my pictures> xyz> double click it
and ur video will get played. To view it full screen press slide show button,but pause it.
sometimes it gets played in the thumbnail view itself.

Next to do

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So the file recording is done!
Now what to do with the file rust it in the computer or make a cd.
The steps are for the latter.
Just select the songs...right click on them select add to burn
Windows Movie Player will open up (WMP10 tested)
(Don't forget to put CD/R/RW)(If u want to make an audio cd use a CD/R)
Click Start Burn and wait till the cd gets burned... audio cd created.
If u want to make an Mp3 insert the cd(u just made) and Rip it to Mp3.
Use Nero to make Mp3( the files will be most probably in Unknown Folder)
If u want to make a video cd u can also do that with nero.
(1 bullshit caution: it will take half the time of the video to burn it)

RECORD Music with Windows Movie Maker

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You can record music,songs with Windows Movie Maker.
There are many sites that let u listen songs but not download them like
Simply open Windows Movie Maker from All programs.(win XP SP2 version tested)
(You shall have a webcam for it.)
Click Capture from video device...dialog box opens
In audio input source select STEREO MIX.
Click next next next... if u want to change rest ofthe settings u can
Click on Start Capture as soon as the song starts(be cautious)
{If u finally wants it audio cd/mp3 put the cam lens down, if not dance)
When song gets over click on Stop Capture,then Finish
and wait till WMM does it own work.
By default ur file will be stored in My Documents> My Videos