Blog???Changing definitions


One question...
What is blog?
Most people really dont know
According to word web it is "A shared on-line journal where people can post diary entries about their personal experiences and hobbies"
But i and most of the other blog dont do it that way...It doesnt remain a diary entry,and why people will post their real diary entries...most dont like it to show even in a home and they show it to the world.Those blogs featuring technology and other topics.Are they really blog??? may it not be their experience, may be tey had just copied...they might be me might be you.
I would like to make my definition:
"Blog is the content posted by the user for the user with/without a personal touch"
(content refers to any thing ranging from personal stuff to news)

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Sidhartha Dhar said...

hi shiva
well considering what blogging has evolved into, your definition seems to be apt.

PS :why have you posted this old post in the forum?