Gandhigiri and Third Law of motion


Lets make this blog random three to four things at the same.
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"Once a theif was stealing something in a church. The church's father caught him stealing.The theif began beating the father. He slapped the father one side of cheek then the other.The father got angry and started beating the thief. The theif after getting beaten stood up with great difficulty and asked " First you didnt beat me and now why did you beat me?''Then the father replied 'First I followed Gandhigiri and then used Newton's third equation of motion'

According to Gandhigiri: one slaps one side of cheek, show him the other
According To Newton: To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Both are oldies,And it is adviced to learn from the old people.
But both are challenging and can kill you
Too many slaps can kill you
Too many slapping might kill the person and you need to play jail jail.
Both are read in books Gandhigiri has a different but its still it,this doesnt mean that we ignore them, try them when required only when required

But definitely if you are a one foot tall and the other is seven, neither Gandhi will work nor Newton.
Ya there's one way the P.T Usha way... go run...............

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