Windows Vista


Crazy procedures stop a bit, i decided to do some blogging on tech.

Starting with Windows Vista the best operating system of Windows is getting heavy as far as the requirements are considered.A few details...
* 512 mb ram which is minimum/recommeneded for vista is maximum for oridinary users.
*Vista is keeping prices high and kicking asses of users, promoting piracy.
* Vista is great as far as the changes are done. Better graphics: Aero interface... money how can it be forgotten,upgrading to new best graphic cards available in the market for it.
*Better security. Bullshit security. username password O.K, trashy anti spyware Okayyy.But big brains forgot the big thing "an anti virus" which was much necessary than the anti spyware.
There are so many things added in windows vista, but more than half of things were added in Macintosh OS X half decade before. Windows is trying to copy Macintosh.
Pointed edges in 98,2000 to curved in xp, reflects this.
But they are copying it with brains trying their best what else can they do.
But wait for sometime, when the price starts dropping then try, try your bargain.
Don't upgrade ,its better to buy a new computer than upgrading your older. WinVista is better in a new one.And why not buying a new PC as upgrading for it will be just 10-20K less.
Its better now to download its themes for cells and comp.'s

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