Gahoo Yoogle?


Sometime hunches may be true... and those hunches that are just spoke off.. in my case written off.

Just to explian in one of my previous posts

i reviewed a social networking site named hikut as hi5+orkut and just wrote of yahoo+google=yoogle.

Well i noticed today that there was a site named yoogle...not yoogle but gahoo yoogle...amazing isnt it.

And that too since 2005.

Now it is so it is, it is benefitial too...You can get different results in the same window divided into two from both yahoo! and google and they claim that 70% of their first 100 results are different on an average.It saves time and gives great result.TRY IT OUT

And if this is not enough for you!!!

you can try another such site which shows results from more sites on the same page...

its dogpile

which shows(fetches) results from google,yahoo,ask,windows live

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Jaydip Mehta said...

Correct crazy blogger,
I also came to know about gahooYoogle today only and today only I have blogger about it and added GahooYoogle search box on my blog ..