Wattpad- Read n' Share Stories on cell/com.


Well there are people who say that piracy sucks...
Fortunately i am not the one of them and i believe that the best things in the world are those which are free or which make your pockets free... but i am greedy and hope you are too.
Now cutting this proverbish crap x8(tried to create a scissor to cut the crap)

I am talking about free stories available on the "net" i mean to say you can get "free" Harry Potter and the deathly hallows without clicking on the ad @ the top of the page.
The great site is WATTPAD
It allows you to read, write(upload) and share stories over computer and cell phone, the best way is to read it on your cell phone without breaking your neck staring @ the large screen trying to kill you.

Its about a week-or-two since i have joined wattpad.I suggest you also to do so.
The downloads i have made are:-

1) Harry potter and the deathly hallows
2) The Godfather

and the uploads i have made are:-
1)PRIME (my literary work)
2)VINIMAN (my literary work)

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