Game Review:Bully


If you are a teen ager you must have heard of this game.
the first ever game to show school life, real school life.
I am not having PS2 but that doesnt means i cant play at some video gaming parlor for 10INR for half hour.(cut this crap-m gettin' personal)

This game features nerds to bullies and you are a bully named Jimmy Hopkins bullying in the Bullsworth Academy.
Easy and fun missions to reduce stress given by the real school of yours.
Based on San-Andreas engine this game offers freedom although less than GTA but sufficient for a virtual school.
You can beat students(includes all types),teachers,prefects but teachers and prefects dont leave you and its guaranteed you'll be caught in few seconds.Even breaking laws out of the school can arrest you.
Detentions are bad and you have to tackle them for messing up with the teachers.
You can have gf's too.
Overall this game is for those who want to live the school.

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Dan* said...

i played 2005 but i liked 2002 much better havent played 2007 :( game require configuration)