Cricket and technology: Hawk-eye

Another cricket innovation...the most useful and the most used...Hawk-eye Created by Paul Hawkins.This technological innovation uses sophesticated image processing techniques to track the trajectory of the ball once it has left the bowlers hand with the help of series of cameras placed all around the cricket stadium.In addition to resolving LBW decisions given by the umpire,it helps to accurately compare bowler's speed,line and length.Hawk-eye is used extensively by a lot of teams in cricket today due to its ease of use and also because it is visually appealing.However cricket is not the only sport where Hawk-eye is being used;it is equally popular in tennis where it helps to resolve controversial line-calls.It is also developing a system for the American baseball league for accurately tracking the flight of the bowler's pitches by using four to six dedicated cameras.


Hawk-eye gives a ball-by-ball analysis of the over-bowled

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thought it is not clear but i would like to see it with the review system its been i long time batsman have been dominating the bowlers like power plays, 20 20 etc this will even things up