iPhone Interactive!!!

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Iphone, which revolutionized the cell phone... the smartphone... the touch screen has finally (ok its a couple of months) jumped into 3G market by launching iPhone 3G.

Some dont have iPhone as they cant afford it... and some because it isnt available in their countries yet (i am the one of them and may be you) and some may not be interested in the iShit at all...

Well I am and that matters...

After offering you my attempts at the "iPhone Experience"

I give you the more detailed and more cool experience (i wished i could be the one who could develop it... but beacuse of lack of HLL knoweledge andlack of time i couldnt)


is what may experience almost 20% of handling a iphone...

Try it & TryPhone

Bloody BX and etc. etc.

Change the theme, remove the ads and other bullshit~
I was actually sick and tired of the theme on my blog for around 9 months( and no my theme didnt gave out a baby)

Then came June, strikes, curfews and finally vacations and curfews and so on...)
When the vacations began i finally decided to finish the god damn' job ( i feared that by changing my template i'll lose all damn' ads and widgets... but later i made up my mind finally... another reason was that no post was kicking my mind.)
Then i searched around the gr8 "G" a.k.a. Google for 3 column templates (free of course) but blah blah blah... didnt liked them at the first sight.

After that bullshit i scrolled through some sort of a blog to look for the "powered by 'XXX'/'XXX' themes."
And then the site popped up, but it was in portuguese, didnt mattered to me because google translator was with me.
Then i downloaded a few templates, looked good, saved them applied them and then deleted them (opinions change~ especially mine).

After that i knocked back at the doors of google to search for some more damn templates and finally i actually liked some of them.
Then i was back at the threshold of blogger to edit html> upload the new template...
and then.........................
wtf... i was welcomed by beautifully brutal BX Codes...

whose BX remained the same but its fathers kept on changing such as BX-shit, BX-crap and BX-whatever and so on...
Help Groups, Help Blog tried every damn service they offered...

May be the "Blogger" is having s good Kumbakarana(6 month) sleep.
After letting them die, I switched to their very own pathetic templates to live on, blog on.
Though i am still waiting to get rid of the bX-Bullshit, i think i need to move on/survive.
And while typing my pain out...i have finally written a 100+ words post!

If anyone knows how to over come those highly poisonous BX-bugs then please burp out(comment) your remedy.