Bloody BX and etc. etc.


Change the theme, remove the ads and other bullshit~
I was actually sick and tired of the theme on my blog for around 9 months( and no my theme didnt gave out a baby)

Then came June, strikes, curfews and finally vacations and curfews and so on...)
When the vacations began i finally decided to finish the god damn' job ( i feared that by changing my template i'll lose all damn' ads and widgets... but later i made up my mind finally... another reason was that no post was kicking my mind.)
Then i searched around the gr8 "G" a.k.a. Google for 3 column templates (free of course) but blah blah blah... didnt liked them at the first sight.

After that bullshit i scrolled through some sort of a blog to look for the "powered by 'XXX'/'XXX' themes."
And then the site popped up, but it was in portuguese, didnt mattered to me because google translator was with me.
Then i downloaded a few templates, looked good, saved them applied them and then deleted them (opinions change~ especially mine).

After that i knocked back at the doors of google to search for some more damn templates and finally i actually liked some of them.
Then i was back at the threshold of blogger to edit html> upload the new template...
and then.........................
wtf... i was welcomed by beautifully brutal BX Codes...

whose BX remained the same but its fathers kept on changing such as BX-shit, BX-crap and BX-whatever and so on...
Help Groups, Help Blog tried every damn service they offered...

May be the "Blogger" is having s good Kumbakarana(6 month) sleep.
After letting them die, I switched to their very own pathetic templates to live on, blog on.
Though i am still waiting to get rid of the bX-Bullshit, i think i need to move on/survive.
And while typing my pain out...i have finally written a 100+ words post!

If anyone knows how to over come those highly poisonous BX-bugs then please burp out(comment) your remedy.

13 burps:

Alisha said...

tht is exactly why u shud think of the content more ...n not the templates n whteva bull shit

tarun said...

nice blog yarr

nickybeit said...

you ve a great blogroll. i would like to place my blog in your blogroll.

i ll also do the same.

alex paul k said...

nice attempt 2 fil sum space wen u actually dun ve nethin 2 post....keep postin neways

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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btw I found your site through linkreferral.

Sometimes those BX errors can just be cookie errors, I found this out when I encountered them the firs time, try clearing your cookies, cache, and then restarting your computer.

Comfortably Numb said...

I really dont know what you were talking about :-s

Let me know in case you want me to know :P


poonam said...

what a post and what comments.. :)
anyways.. bloggin templates are pain.. since they dont have many option... but still one way its eased out here in blogger cuz they provide you some control on the template code (not in wordpress ) if you understand a little xml and offcoz HTML.. its easy to modify and make it specific..

guess you could start with DB's minima and keep experimentin on it .. its not as difficult as it sounds..

Gagan said...

this theme rox !!

mantiz said...

hey there,
nice template, it's easy on the eyes.
So you're gettin this BX crap too, huh? don't worry, you'll get used to them.. keep bloggin'!

Dan* said...

this template looks nice just need to set ur date

Misty Rhythm said...

lol, i know wat u mean!! i've been itching to change my template forever!!! but i hardly find something i like (and which is for blogger BETA)...n then the BX codes! lol

hang in thr ;)

Matangi Mawley said...

been wanting to change my theme 4 a long time.. bt couldnt get any thing tht pleased me..