Spacebar Breakers

Spacebar the longest key, apart from being used to provide spaces in a word processor, or in ur blog is also targetted by the game makers, and especially gamers.
Though my space bar key, is not broken yet... but i like seeing other people's broken keyboards.
Well not really.
After the arrow keys, w,s,a,d and enter "space bar" is used...
and i am going to mention some games... that require extreme pressing of your space bar key, that may even lead to its breaking.

1.Gully Cricket:
This is an online version of reformed cricket that is often seen in the streets of india( mostly on sundays and curfews).
You can play it just below

even this game, has a point when, you will have to continuosly press the space bar, and keep it hitting...if you keep it hitting you survive and if you dont, your game is over... its just like a local street panga.

see the screen shot:-


2.GTA San Andreas

Another one in my list of spacebar breakers is GTA San Andreas.
Though the whole game wont break your space bars , but workkout in the gym surely needs pissing off on your space bar keys.

It gives a very little experience of lifting those bloody dumbbells.

Checkout its screenshot below:-


3. Shrek 2

Though this one is not as popular as GTA but this is more tougher, freakier and tenser...

I am not talking about the whole game Shrek 2, at first sight you'll think it as game of kids...

But later when you reach the "Puss in Boots" level, you will rightly feel the pain.

Satisfy yourself by viewing the screenshot below:-

Beware along with space bar many other keys are at a risk.


And last but not the least

4. Panja Fight( Arm Wrestling)

This one is something that can kill your arm and spacebar.

This game has real visuals whi will arm wrestle with you.

This one is a must-play game if you want to break your spacebar.

Click the screenshot below to experience the game.

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Unknown said...

hey nice collection of games u got there dude...wl check it out later myself...cheers

Anonymous said...

nice blog ! thanks for ur comment ..
i did my blog in last saturday, so i'm gonna change somethings !
i hope see others comments yours soon !


Tina said...

This is super cool and super i knw wat to i can play...thxs for this..u have helpd me kill my boredom ..kudos


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed al your games!!
Good collection of those..
Keep it going.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed all game..
nice collection.

Dina said...

nice way to kill my time man...
good ones :)

Pranay said...

hey.. those are really kewl games!! thnx for the links.. keep up the gud work bro

Unknown said...

hey cool links dude.. i found these games really interesting.. go ahead buddy..


Deepz said...

nice collection of desi games dude..i liked trying them all..

Shiva said...

@ all
Hope you really enjoyed all the games!!!

Matangi Mawley said...

hey.. good collection.. ll try a few..

Tina said...

hey ges wat shiv i play gully criket weneber m work and also at home..this is too cool


abhaymittal said...

hey very unique collection..n settings of course!
i had a gr8 time! :)

CRD said...

nice post

Ankit said...

really a nice blog and its too cool and fun with nice collection of games... thanks

ankitminglani said...

nice game

~~~Golden Vulture~~~

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cool collections

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