Examination Ends!!!


Finally, the day which i wanted is here!!!

Examination is finally clear!!!

But the scars of pain... of the unpredictable, challenging, disastrous examination war are still here

So checkout this voilently new cartoon that i have to share:-

On this ocassion i would like to share my quote on examination:-

" In an Examination, There is no winner, no loser. There is only depression and destruction"

14 burps:

Tina said...

Firstly whose drawings are these??? and i would say that some do lose and win because...for a weak student to get 50 or 60% will make him feel like a winner...u get wat m sayin??


C R D said...

interesting work. keep writing

Vipul said...

kewl blog
keep posting!

manorath said...

hehe.. cool one buddy... and a nice pic

Anonymous said...

Nice blog here dude!!
and your other blog is too good!

Keep it up!

sarv007 said...

ha got ur feelings
oh its our feelings

Pranay said...

hey... did u make that!!!!! its really kewl!! n i agree completely on the quote!!

Shiva said...

@ all
thanks for commenting
@ tina...
you wont understand the problems of examinations as you have passed them.
ya i have made it

vanilla sky said...

loved the image and the quote !

viraj said...

hehe...ths right...thres only destruction n depresion...lolz

Dina said...

lol... 100% true man...luvd the quote man...

guess its time for me to get ready for the war...theres not even a week time...

berto said...

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Attila said...

well, the topper of the class surely wins.. and he doesn't have the destruction and depression either! instead he would have the swagger of an undefeated dictator!

nice cartoon though.

Eda said...

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